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Battery receiver
In walnut cabinet. The M3 is a three valve primairy receiver.
The controls and the valves are all located on the ebonite front. Connections and knobs from left to right: aerial and ground bus and a link plug for medium wave and long wave. The tuning coil and the feedback coil are situated above the tuning knob with fine tuning. Below the three tubes, two rheostats for the filament (the first for the detector and the first LF valve, the second one for the power tube) and at the right, jacks for the speaker and headphones.
The radio was designed by British engineer George William White, who worked for NSF.
The receiver was equipped with the low-voltage valves A110, A110, and A106, so the batteries could be placed inside the set. Later the valves were replace by the 4 volt valves A415 (2) and a B405. The polarity of the filament current has to be reversed in this case. Please note that in the circuit in later Philips manuals, shown below, the polarity also has to be reversed.
The original price was f 198,-.
Serial number: 585
Dimensions (whd): 50 28 24 cm
Made in: 1925
Purchased in: 2015
Voltages: 1.3V/60V
Weight: 7.1 kg
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  User manual (in Dutch)

What was broadcast in 1925?


Listen to "Radio Idioot" sung by Kees Pruis, recorded in 1925

Type plate
Advertisement for the M3 in De Luistergids, July 24th, 1925
First advertisement for the M3 in newspaper NRC, February 17th, 1925 Advertisement for the M3 in newspaper Algemeen Handelsblad, December 1st, 1925

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