German postcard, 1928. Drawing by Arthur Thiele (1860-1936).
Dutch postcard, 1929. "They are enjoying themselves". Drawing by Margret Boriss.
Dutch postcard, 1930
English postcard, twenties

English postcard, 1930

Philips Radio book-mark (design Louis Kalff)

German postcard, 1926. "Radio on her hat, antenna through her tuft". (An early walkman?) German postcard, 1925. "The jazz band plays the Shimmy here, if you want (to dance), come to me"

German postcard, 1925

French postcard, 1923

Scandinavian postcard, 1935

Dutch postcard, 1926. "Radio listeners" German postcard, 1925. "Don't forget to earth your antenna".

American postcard 1923

French postcard, twenties

Belgian advertising postcard for Adzam valves, mid-thirties

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