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Crystal receiver
Varnished mahogany cabinet with ebony top panel.

The receiver is equipped with a sliding coil. In France, this type is called a "Poste Oudin", after the French physician Paul Oudin, who experimented together with Jacques Arsene d'Arsonval with a coil that acts as a high frequency generator, much as a Tesla coil. Later, he developed a crystal receiver which uses a coil with sliding contacts, a "Bobine Oudin", as shown right.
This Vitus Oudin 200 is a more sophisticated version of the "Poste Oudin".
Serial number: none
Dimensions (h×w×d): 19 × 22 × 17  cm
Made in: 1923/1924
Purchased in: 2015

What was broadcast in 1923?


Listen to "Si vous n'aimez pas ça", sung by Maurice Chevalier, recorded in 1923

Top view
An antenna and earth can be connected on the left, a headset on the right. The crystal detecor is on the upper side of the panel. With the position swiches, tapping points of the coil can be chosen. The tuning condenser is used for fine tuning.

Front view

Picture from a catalogue                                                   Factory plate on the back of the receiver

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