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Superheterodyne portable transistor receiver
In black and cream-colored plastic case and black plastic carrying handle with VEF logo. Two chromed trim strips above and below the wavelength scale. At the front are the thumbwheel tuning and volume knobs, at the right side the wavelength switch. There is also a version with a metal carrying handle with plastic grip (see picture below).
The radio is equipped with a retractable telescopic antenna for shortwave reception and a built-in ferroceptor antenna for reception of medium and long wave. At the back are sockets for an additional speaker, a gramophone and an antenna.
With 10 transistors, 8 tuned circuits, a push-pull amplifier and an oval-shaped dynamic speaker. The undistorted output power is 125 mW. The intermediate frequency is 465 kHz.
The radio has 8 wavelength ranges, 6 short wave bands: 13 meters, 16 meters, 19 meters, 25 meters, 31 meters and 41 meters. Additionally medium wave, 187-572 meters and long wave, 800-2000 meters. By using a drum-shaped channel selector unit the radio could be produced with a number of different wave lengths.
Power supply: 6 1.5 volt D batteries.
Data   Transistors Circuit
Serial number: 547208 2 x heterodyne  

Dimensions (whd): 28 x 23 x 9.6 cm 1 x mixer
Made in: 1966 3 x IF frequency
Weight: 2.2 kg (without batteries) 4 x LF amplifier  
Purchased in: 2013
Sold in: 2022

What was broadcast in 1966?


Listen to "The Shadow of your Smile" sung by the Lavian singer Aino Bāliņa, recorded in 1966.

The radio inside
The drum-shaped channel selector unit is clearly visible.

Page from a leaflet with a picture of the version with metal carrier handle

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