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Crystal receiver

This simple set is housed in a polished mahogany case with lift up lid and ebonite control panel. It bears the 'BBC' stamp and P.O. Reg. No. 102. Connection points for the aerial, earth and headphones are provided, and the controls comprise a tuning knob and a lever to adjust the detector.

Tuning uses a variometer. Turning the knob will change the resonant frequency of the tuned circuit. A separate coil could be used for the reception of long wave. Two people could listen to the radio at the same time. Two antenna lengths (A and B) can  be used, one coupled by a capacitor.
The set would have cost 5 10s in 1923, of which 7s 6d (6.8%) was a royalty paid to the BBC. Having no valves in the circuit gave a considerable price advantage.
Data   Circuit
Serial number: B.C. 1001 Inst. no. 8002    
Made in: 1923    
Purchased in: 2005    
Sold in: 2023    
Dimensions (whd): 16 23 15,5 cm    

What was broadcast in 1923?


Listen to "Dancing Honeymoon" by Jack Derrick's Orchestra, recorded on June 22nd, 1923


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