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TRF receiver
Picture from a product leaflet for 1939
In walnut case with a front made of pressed wood pulp. In America, this material was called repwood*. The front shows a scene in "natural relief" from the fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", based on the popular Walt Disney animated film that was released in 1937. A smaller, cube-shaped coloured version was also made, the Emerson Q236. Earlier, in 1933, two cube-shaped Mickey Mouse models were produced, types 410 and 411.
The window of dwarfs' cottage serves as the opening for the radio's speaker grille, and the dial appears in the arched door opening to the right. Below the front porch, flanking the steps, are the distinctive "acorn" knobs.
Emerson produced this radio with two different model numbers, BM-247 and DB-247 with a different chassis and a built-in frame antenna. The two-letter prefix identifies the chassis type and the three-number suffix indicates the cabinet type. The original price was $14,95.
The chassis has 4 valves and a ballast tube. The radio can be used for medium wave only (173-555 meters or 540 -1730 Kc).
Repwood was made by mixing saw dust and a strong glue. This mixture was molded using heat and high pressure. The whiteish material was then painted with stain or varnish. When decorating radios, pressed wood was also used. Thin layers of impregnated veneers were stacked and then pressed into a form.
Serial number: BM-2269731
Dimensions (whd): 27.5 19.5 15 cm
Made in: 1938-1939
Purchased in: 2014
Voltages: 105-125 V ~ and -
Weight: 2,6 kg
Valves Circuit
Click on a valve for more information Click on the circuit to enlarge

What was broadcast in 1939?


Listen to "Heigh Ho" from the film "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", made in 1937.

Back with back panel

Back with back panel removed

Chassis top

Under chassis view
The radio was bought in Disneyland  on September 3, 1978

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