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In 1924 trading company "N.V. Handelsonderneeming voorheen Firma Folkeringa" was founded in Groningen. The address was Butjesstraat 11. Folkeringa imported, among other things, radios of the French brand Grandin et Moreau (Le Téléphone sans Fil).
In 1926, Unigro Radio Industrie N.V. was started as part of the trading company. The factory was situated in Groningen at Verlengde Heereweg 22. In the trading registry the activities of Unigro were described as: "trade in, and production of radio supplies, bicycles and parts, optical and electrical articles". Managing director was E.J.C. Folkeringa. The factory produced radios and radio parts from 1926 until 1932 (in that year the last catalogue appeared). Unigro sold throughout the Netherlands and had branches in the cities of Groningen, Breda and Utrecht.
The first Unigro radio made in 1926, the four valve receiver No. 1., was modelled on the Radio-Universel P.U. 4 by Grandin et Moreau. Unigro sold both models; the Unigro receiver was a bit more expensive.
The Grandin et Moreau Universal P.U. 4. This radio from 1924/1925 has 4 windows to inspect the bright emitters inside. The Unigro No. 1. The resemblance is striking. Only the 4 windows  are lacking in this receiver from 1926.
Unigro specialised in cabinet or "Salon" radios, often with built-in loudspeakers. The more expensive cabinets were produced with detailed woodwork. Loudspeaker cloth was decorated with musical instruments, flowers and birds.
In the summer of 1929 Folkeringa resigned as managing director of Unigro and at the same address selling agency Verkoopbureau van Radioproducten "Vera" was founded, a wholesale company in Philips radio products. Folkeringa became managing director and W. Boelmans was deputy manager. In the spring of 1930 the agency was discontinued and Folkeringa returned as managing director of Unigro. The activities of Unigro continued during that period. In 1931 a three valve AC receiver was introduced.
During the same period radio maker AKAH from Oude Pekela was active. AKAH operated in the same market segment as it also made cabinet radios.
Unigro price list No. 17 from the beginning of 1927. It featured their own radios and articles by Grandin et Moreau, Philips and Burndept.   Example of a richly decorated cabinet: the Unigro 5 in "Salon" cabinet with built-in loudspeaker.

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