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Superheterodyne battery receiver

In a wooden cabinet with aluminium front. Big knobs: left, "Héter", heterodyne tuning; below this knob a binding post for earth. Right, "Accord", antenna tuning; below this knob a binding post for the antenna. Left and right of these knobs the jacks for loudspeaker (right) or headphones (left) are situated. In the middle, two tumbler switches: left: serial/parallel, right: tuning range: 150-400 meters or 300-3500 meters. In the middle, below the two tumbler switches, a jack where a frame antenna can be connected. The upper row of knobs, from left to right: tuning range of the  oscillator, rheostat for the filaments, tuning range of the antenna.

At the back of the radio there is a socket for the plug with filament and anode voltages.
Data Valves  
Serial number: Serie 4 no. 25
Dimensions (w × h × d): 42 × 25 × 29 cm
Made in: 1925
Purchased in: 2007
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  Valves: originally probably 8 x R24

What was broadcast in 1925?


Listen to "C'est merveilleux", sung by Maurice Chevalier, recorded in 1925.

A look inside
The radio has 2 hf-stages, an oscillator, 3 mf-stages, a detector and 2 lf-stages. On the left the oscillator coils.
Users guide on the inside of the lid.
A view of the back of the chassis
Chassis (left and right)
The bottom of the chassis
The HF transformer The HF transformer (middle) between the two tuning capacitors. Above right the oscillator coils, in the middle the rheostat.
Factory and type plates  
Advertisement in France-Radio, September 26th, 1925       Advertisement in France-Radio, October, 1925
Advertisement for the Superhétérodyne A, 1924 Lucien Lévy (l) and Lee De Forest. On the table a Super Hétérodyne A.

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