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Crystal receiver
With black moulded ebonite case and nickel-plated fittings. Glass-enclosed cat's whisker and galena detector (a "fixed" crystal, the Brownie Permatector could also be used). With aerial and earth terminals on the upper surface and phone terminals on the lower surface.
The receiver came with a coil for the new long wave station 5XX (Daventry) on 1600 meters. With the loading bridge in place, the receiver can be used on the medium wave up to 600 meters.
The knob in the middle is used for tuning and operates a swinging-arm on a slide-coil.
The receiver came on the market in September 1925. The original price was 10/6 shilling.
A matching 2-valve amplifier (the "Note Magnifier") was introduced in 1926.
A look inside
Advertisement for the Brownie Model No. 2 in Popular Wireless and Wireless Review, September 5th, 1925 Description of the  Brownie Model No. 2 and a number of accessoires  (including the "Note Magnifier" and the "Permatector") in the Calalogue of The National Radio Exhibition in the New Olympia Hall, London, September 4th-18th, 1926.
Serial number: none
Dimensions (whd): 15.5 x 8.5 x 14.5 cm
Made in: 1925
Purchased in: 2013

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