Horn loudspeaker
Small aluminium horn with black and brown enamel paint and a cast metal base, containing the electromagnetic sound system.
A lever in the base can be used to adjust the distance between the diaphragm and the magnet.
The original price was 30 shilling.
Serial number 44824
Dimensions    (h w) 33 x  10 cm (diameter of the flare 17 cm)
Made in 1924
Purchased in 2014
Sold in 2023
DC resistance 2000 ohms

What was broadcast in 1924?


Listen to "Baghdad" by the Romaine Dance Orchestra, recorded on November 25, 1924

Logo on the flare of the loudspeaker
Advertisement in Wireless Weekly, April 15th, 1925
Advertisement in Wireless Weekly, July 8th, 1925
The Sterling Dinkie was also sold in The Netherlands. Advertisement in Radio Expres, October 2, 1924. The price was f 25,-.

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