High impedance loudspeaker
In wooden cabinet with walnut veneer. The loudspeaker cloth is equal to that of the Philips 634A.
The loudspeaker inside is the Philips 2185, a 3 Watt electrodynamic speaker with transformer.
the original price was f 29,50.
Made in: 1933
Purchased in: 2015
Sold in: 2023
Dimensions (h x w x d): 34 x 40 x 14.5 cm
Serial number: 1865
Loudspeaker diameter: 22 cm
DC resistance: 13.000 ohms

What was broadcast in 1933?


Listen to "Jig Walk" by The Ramblers Dance Orchestra, recorded in Chenil Gallaries, London, May 22, 1933


Part of an advertisement in newspaper De Tijd, October 30, 1933

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