High impedance loudspeaker
Heptagonal black Bakelite rim with red spots on the corners and a purple-red coloured paper cone, that is still original. A tone control switch is situated at the back of the speaker.
This loudspeaker was made in Engeland and has no visible Philips serial or type number.
It was the cheapest speaker that Philips made in that period. The price was 50 shillings.

The loudspeaker can be placed upright, using a metal bracket or mounted on a wall, or ceiling.
Made in 1928
Purchased in 2012
Sold in: 2024
Serial number none
Dimensions 35 x 38.5 x 13.5 cm
DC resistance 2000 Ohms

What was broadcast  in 1928?


Listen to "Blinky Moon Bay" by the orchestra of Jack Hylton, recorded June  8, 1928

Picture in an Australian catalogue, 1928

The back of the loudspeaker
In the middle the driver; the tone control switch is located below the driver.
Advertisement in The Wireless Constructor, October, 1928

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