High impedance loudspeaker
In oak cabinet with green and gold coloured cloth with floral designs. This loudspeaker was introduced in the Netherlands at the end of 1929 as model "Nederland 1930". A stamp with the word "Nederland" on the back panel indicates that the loudspeaker was intended for export to Netherlands. It is a Dutch version of the German EB71 loudspeaker, introduced in 1928.
Internal date stamp: December 6th, 1929.
The loudspeaker has an internal glass-enclosed capacitor parallel with the voice coil. The original value is unknown, but is now 7 nF.
Serial number: 5611
Made in 1929
Purchached in: 2013
Dimensions: 34.4 x 34.4 x 14 cm
DC resistance: 1700 ohms

What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to "Wenn ich die blonde Inge abends nach Hause bringe" by the orchestra of Dajos Béla, sung by, Kurt Mühlhardt, recorded in 1929

The driver of the loudspeaker with glass-enclosed capacitor
Advertisement for the Loewe Radio "Nederland 1930" loudspeaker in Radio Wereld, October 1, 1929
The loudspeaker (middle) between a number of other loudspeakers on display in gramophone and radio store Gimmy at Rozengracht 57 in Amsterdam, 1930

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