High impedance loudspeaker
In oak cabinet on four black feet with plywood cut out front.
The loudspeaker (with 4-pole electromagnetic system) has a diameter of 30 cm.
The original price was f 39,50.
Serial number: none


Made in: 1929
Purchased in: 2015
Sold in: 2022
dimensions (h x w x d): 34.3 x 35.2 x 20.5 cm
DC resistance: 540 Ω
Weight: 3.3 kg

What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to "Avalon" played by The Ramblers, recorded in the Muzieklyceum, Amsterdam, July 3, 1929

Firm plate of H.W.K de Breij & Co., The Hague
The loudspeaker was part of the "Popular Crystalphone Installation", together with the Crystalphone 3W. Advertisement in Leeuwarder Courant, February 8, 1930
The loudspeaker was also sold separately. Advertisement in Radio Wereld, November 7, 1929

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