Loudspeaker in the form of a table lamp (Aladin Lautsprecher Stehlampe)
Grawor (Rundfunktechnischer Erzeugergemeinschaft GmbH, Grass & Worff, Berlin) sold the "Schalldose" integrated in the base of the lamp in a number of versions: e.g. the Grawor-Konus-Dose and the Grawor-Sektor-Dose. The price was 15 and 18 RM respectively (Illustrierter Radio-Katalog 1929/30). By turning the knob in the middle of the "Schalldose" (see picture below), the magnetic system can be adjusted to maximum sound volume. (Many thanks to John Hupse for his information about this system.)
The casing of the "Schalldose" is made of Zamac, a zinc and aluminium alloy, that tends to deform after a few decades. Changing the distance between reed and magnet by turning the knob was not possible any more. By bending the reed slightly inwards the problem was solved.


Listen to a short sound clip of Arrow Rock Radio. The loudspeaker was connected to my Philips 2514.

Made in: 1930
Purchased in: 2005
Soldt in: 2023
Dimensions: Height: about 54 cm, diameter of the shade 36 cm
DC resistance: 2000 Ohms
The disc of the loudspeaker (diameter 30 cm), mounted on top of a thin aluminium spindle.
Aladin by night
The base of the loudspeaker
The Schalldose is visible here. In the middle a knob to adjust the distance between reed and magnet.

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