Separating filter

With swinging coil antenna coupling. In oak cabinet and ebonite control panel with a number of connections, two plug-in tuning coil holders and a tuning capacitor with Bakelite knob and silver plated metal scale. Can be used to increase the selectivity of a receiver. The tuning condenser is by Nutmeg, Velthuisen represented this company in The Netherlands. The device could also be used as a refection filter (wave trap).

Serial number: None
Dimensions (h x w x d) : 14 x 17,5 x 16 cm
Made in: 1924
Purchased in: 2011
The studio of transmitting station P.C.K.K. operated by Velthuisen, in 1923
Ch. Velthuisen was founded in 1891. In 1918 Velthuisen used a transmitter on 1050 meters with the station call P.C.K.K. In 1922 the first radio receivers were sold. The company in Oude Molstraat 18 in The Hague, made radio equipment until 1927. In that year it advertised for Nova receivers. The shop remained active until the mid thirties.
Two pictures showing the interior of the separating filter

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