In oak box with ebonite faceplate
The unit provides the plate current for the detector tube and for the other tubes of a connected radio. The detector voltage is adjustable. The device also delivers the filament voltage for the tubes. The device is equipped with a Philips 373 rectifier tube. Especially suitable for the Radio-Tukker Sonora THT 4.
Data Valve  
Dimensions: 31 x 19 x 16 cm
Made in: 1927
Purchased in: 2015
Sold in: 2021
Voltage: 220V ~
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On the right, a Kuprox metal rectifier for the rectification of the filament current, TCC smoothing capacitors for the plate voltage (1 x 2μF and 2 x 4 μF) and a Ferrix choke. Above the Kuprox rectifier, a helical correction resistance is visible.
On the left, the Ferrix transformer for the plate voltage, a Ferrix choke, a double TCC smoothing capacitor (2 x 1500 μF ) for the filament current and a Ferrix heater transformer.

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