Below a number of old batteries, used for various purposes.

Belgian shop display and battery tester for PLB batteries. PLB batteries were made by Pile Leclanché Belge S.A.

With the exception of crystal receivers, all early radio's used batteries - as many as three types of batteries in the earliest commercial sets. These batteries were known as A (filament voltage), B (plate voltage), and C (grid bias voltage). Later, batteries became the main power source for portable (transistor)radios.

4.5 Volts "Auto Batterij" multi purpose, from 1927, produced from the mid to late 1920s.

Reverse side

1.5 - 9 Volts English EverReady "C" grid battery

1.5 - 9 Volts French "C" grid battery

1.5 - 9 Volts English Vidor "C" grid battery

1.5 - 9 Volts English Siemens "C"  grid battery

6 Volts/9 volts French Leclanché  battery from the sixties

3-15 Volt Witte Kat "C" grid battery from the fifties

1.5 - 9 Volts English Exide Drydex "C" grid battery

1.5 -9 Volt Marspen grid bias battery made for Marks & Spencer

45 Volts American EveReady "B" battery

1.5 Volts American Columbia "A" battery

Pile Hydra French grid battery 1.5 - 9 volt

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