Loudspeaker cabinet with electrodynamic loudspeaker
In oak cabinet in the style of the Amsterdam School with coromandel detail at the bottom of the front. Front with cut-out geometric shapes with the letter "M" in the middle. Made at A. Brandsteder, 3e Schinkelstraat 33A, Amsterdam. Inside the cabinet was a Magnavox 254 loudspeaker that does not belong in this piece of furniture, instead a Magnavox 404 excited loudspeaker with a metal rectifier belongs there.
The Magnavox 404 loudspeaker with on the left the mains transformer, and on the right a metal rectifier and an electrolytic capacitor.
More information about Brandsteder here.
Made in ±1929
Purchased in 2009
Dimensions (w × h × d) 60 x 75 x 35 cm
Serial number none

What was broadcast in 1929?


Listen to "Adieu, we moeten elkander groeten (We will have to say goodbye)" by the Odeon Dance Orchestra, sung by Louis van de Sande, recorded in 1929

The Famet loudspeaker
Famet is a brand name of the German Metallwarenfabrik Melber & Co AG from Lämmerspiel bei Offenbach am Main. The loudspeaker was sold in the Netherlands as a do-it-yourself kit by Technische Industrie N.V. in Amsterdam and as "Avrofoon" kit by Nijkerks Radio, Amsterdam.
The back of the cabinet
On the left the loudspeaker excitation unit with cuprox rectifier, made by Undy; in the middle the Famet loudspeaker. In the left hand corner, behind the Undy unit, a 3000 uF condenser made by Nijkerk's Radio, Amsterdam.



The Undy cuprox rectifier used in the excitation unit for the Famet loudspeaker.



Nijkrolite 3000 mFd condenser, made bij Nijkerk's Radio, Amsterdam

Famet folder with building instructions
Makers name inside the cabinet

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