Robust two track tape recorder
In wooden suitcase with handle, covered with artificial leather.

Revere logo on the lid



Sold in 2016

The knobs: on the left a rotary switch with the functions rewind - stop - play - record; Right: On/off/volume control and tone control.
Equipped with an amplifier with an elliptical speaker (12.7 x 17.8 cm). In a small compartment at the top, the power cord and a microphone can be stored.
At the rear a number of connections is available. An input for the microphone (200k), a radio or gramophone (1MOhm) and an output for an additional 3.2 Ohms loudspeaker.
A neon lamp on the upper side gives an indication of the recording level; a light on the front indicates that the recorder is connected to the mains.
The TS-300 and TS-301 are export models; the TS-300 is suitable for 105-120 Volts / 50Hz, the TS-301 for 210-240 Volts / 50Hz.
Revere Camera Co. was founded in 1920 in Chicago as Excel Radiator Company by the Ukrainian immigrant Samuel Briskin. The company first made radiators for cars; the name was later changed when the company started making cameras, projectors, radios and tape recorders. Briskin remained chairman until 1960 and was also co-owner of the company Wollensak, a division of 3M. In 1960 the company was sold to 3M.
Data                       Valves
Serial number: 301980
Made in: 1951
Dimensions (h x w x d): 23.5 x 37 x 30 cm
Voltage: 105-120 V ~ / 50Hz
Weight: 11.9 kg
Tape speed: 9.5 cm p/s
Reel diameter: 13 cm

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