Simple wax cylinder player
The bottom plate is a cast iron depiction of an Art Nouveau gold-colored mermaid with a long tail. The horn is made of red and gold painted tin. The spring motor is equipped with a brake. Made circa 1905 in France (e.g. at Morel in Paris) or Germany (e.g. at George Carette & Co. in Nurnberg or Fritz Puppel in Berlin). However, most copies are not branded. This wax roll player was cheaply made and often presented as a gift when purchasing several wax cylinders. The phonograph was sold in 2022.

Sound fragment: Edison cylinder 9066 "Just across the bridge of gold", sung by Byron G. Harlan, recorded in 1905


Bottom plate with mermaid, with on the left the holder for the horn, in the middle the spring motor with the centrifugal regulator above it and on the right the holder for the wax cylinders.
Picture from a catalogue of Fritz Puppel, Berlin Picture from a catalogue of George Carette & Co in Nurnberg from 1911

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