Simple and inexpensive French phonograph
Made in 1903-1904, Price 22.50 Fr. The nickel-plated spring motor is screwed on an oak plate; the aluminium horn + reproducer (not original) is held by a simple metal bar. This phonograph can only play two minute rolls. The vertical cylinder is an intermediate mandrel for rolls with a bigger diameter, the Salon or Inter rolls. It was sold in 2022.

Sound clip: Peacock Rag - mandoline solo by Mr. Young.

Wooden lid with Pathé logo and serial number on the bottom plate
Pathé logo "Je chante haut et clair"
Side view of the motor case with Pathé brand name
Reproducer and spring motor with centrifugal speed control.

Intermediate mandrel for "Salon" and "Inter" rolls English advertisement for the Pathé 0 Democratic
French advertisement for the Pathé Modèle numéro 0

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