Output power meter
In walnut cabinet with bakelite panel. Power range is 0.2 milliwatts to 100 watts in five ranges (10 and 100 milliwatts, 1, 10 and 100 watts, full scale).
An auxiliary red decibel scale reads from -10 to +50 dB referred to a level of 1 milliwatt.
Impedance: 2.5-20,000 ohms. Forty discrete impedances, appoximately logarithmically, are obtained by means of a ten-step ohms dial and a four-step multiplier.
The meter was introduced in 1942. The original price was $185. Its predecessor was the General Radio 583, introduced in 1932.
Data Article* Operating Instructions
Serial number 865

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Made in 1942
Purchased in 2013
Sold in: 2022
Weight 7,1 kg
*) In General Radio Experimenter, February 1942

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