Separating filter
In an oak cabinet, with four connections on the corners on the front, a coil holder, a tuning capacitor with Bakelite knob with graduation (1-100), a selectivity setting and a selector switch (1-4).
The Corrector works with capacitive antenna coupling. The circuit of the device was developed by Mr. Ph.A.J. de Rop, an employee of Stokvis.
The original price was f 30,-.
Serial number: 195
Dimensions (h x w x d): 16 x 22 x 10,5 cm
Made in: 1926
Purchased in: 2021

The device was made from late 1926 to 1928. Later versions, like the one above, had a Bakelite faceplate with a slightly different layout and added fine-tuning.
The inside of the Corrector
Article in De Telegraaf of March 3, 1927 Article in Radio Expres of February 25, 1927

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