Also called Square Top Standard. This phonograph was made in 1900
Early version of the Standard Phonograph and predecessor of the Standard Phonograph Model A that was introduced in 1901. An earlier model (made in 1898) had only two latches in the lid. Rather dangerous, as the machine is very heavy. This model is a bit dull; there are no colourful transfers on the oak cabinet, the bedplate has some simple decorations and the name Edison only appears on the type plate. The phonograph shown above has a Model C reproducer and the witch hat horn is a replica. The original price was $20.
Serial number: S29542
Dimensions (hwd): 23,5 31  22,5 cm
Made in: 1900
Purchased in: 2011
Sold in 2022

What music was played at that time?


Listen to "Mr Blackman Cakewalk" played by the Edison Military Band, recorded in 1905

Top view
Cabinet with lid
Advertisement for the Edison Standard Phonograph, 1900

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