DM 920
Accurate digital multimeter for measuring voltages, currents and resistances, made in Japan for König Electronic, Reichelsheim, Germany.
The meter also has the following functions:
  • a frequency counter from 10 Hz to 100 kHz 
  • AC can be measured in Volt or dBm 
  • relative measurement; any measured value can be used as a base value for further measurements
  • a diode tester; the voltage drop of a diode (in forward direction) is given in mV
  • continuity measurement which gives an audible signal with values between 0 Ω and 20 Ω.
The following values can be measured:
  • DC and AC voltages from 10 μV to 1000 V (AC to 750 V)
  • DC and AC currents of 10 mA to 10 A 
  • resistance from 10 mΩ to 25MΩ
The meter is equipped with a lcd-display with 4 ˝ digits and with manually adjustable and automatic range. Values can be stored and exported using a special data cable. The device can be placed upright using a folding bracket at the rear.
Serial number None  
Made in ±1985 Circuit
Puchased in 2012  

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