Radio timer made of metal and Bakelite
Wind up clock that can be used to switch radios on and off. The time can be set at a 10 minute interval by means of small plug-in brass mounting pins.
Since 1929, clock factory Müller & Co. in Mühlheim an der Donau offered various models of their radio timer "Chronoradio", a device in the shape of a round, shiny metal alarm clock (ad opposite). The differences were in the switching possibilities. Both battery operated and mains radios could be switched on and off. In 1934, they introduced a new type that could switch bigger currents. Five different types came on the market. Three of them in a dark red metal case and two in a Bakelite case. The differences mainly had to do with a 12-or 24-hour display and the ability to work with bigger currents. This unit can switch devices up to 440 Watts DC and 220 Watts AC.
Dimensions (h×w×d): 14.3 x 11 x 7.5 cm
Made in: 1934
Purchased  in: 2013
Sold in: 2023
Weight 880 grams
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