Tunable frame antenna with amplifier in the shape of a globe
Made from plastic. The two spirals of the antenna itself are made of gold-coloured anodized aluminum. The antenna is suitable for reception on short wave, long wave and medium wave. The knob in the base is used for tuning the antenna. There is a wavelength slider above it. A small lightbulb (6.5 volts, 100 mA) illuminates the plastic in the base near the tuning knob.
The filament voltage of 6.3 volts and the high voltage of 250 volts for the EF80 high-frequency amplifier are tapped from the radio via a tube base adapter connected to the Captemonde. This adapter is inserted into the tube base of the power tube of a radio, after which the tube itself is placed in the adapter. The two remaining Captemonde leads are connected to the antenna and ground bus of the radio.
The antenna is rotatable, so that it can be optimally aimed at a transmitter.
Because the antenna mainly receives the magnetic component of the antenna signal, a large part of the interference is stopped.
This type of antenna was especially popular in Belgium and France. This antenna is French and was made by Radio-Célard, 32, Cours de la Libération, Grenoble, in the period 1955-1958.
Célard also made this antenna with a built-in power supply.
The original price was 7890 Fr.
Purchased in 2019

Made in ± 1955
Height 33,5 cm Click on the valve for more information
Base 19.5 x 17 cm    
Diameter globe 22 cm  
Weight 1,2 kg
Advertisement in Radio Constructeur et Dépanneur, 1957

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