French frame antenna with clock
Made of wood and cardboard, covered with imitation crocodile leather and gold coloured ornaments. With rectangular wind-up clock. The actual antenna is hidden in the rim.
The antenna mainly receives the magnetic component of the antenna signal, thus eliminating a part of the interference.
This type of antenna was very popular in Belgium and France. It was made in France, around 1955.
Dimensions (hwd): 23.5 31  22.5 cm
Made in: 1955
Purchased in: 2011
Sold in: 2022
The two plugs must be connected to the antenna and earth sockets of a radio. After tuning the radio, the frame antenna then needs to be tuned, using the knob on the upper left. The other knob is used to select the wave length: medium, two long wave ranges, and short. In that case, the antenna input socket (below left) has to be used. The second long wave range is a fixed range for radio station "Paris Inter" (later "France Inter") on 1852 meters.

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