Portable electric gramophone
Functional design, entirely made of Bakelite with a brown leather handle. The lid serves as turntable. The phonograph is equipped with an electric synchronous motor. This type of motor has to be "helped" by giving the turntable a little push with your finger. A red indicator lamp, next to the arm, lights up the power is on. A needle cup is also available.
The connecting wires are stored under a cardboard lid below the unit.
The electromagnetic sound box (needle pressure 160 g) is equipped with a removable steel needle. The needle is kept in place by a magnet.
In advertising the device was called "Porteldisc"; its nickname is "Hat Box".
The Porteldiscs were first introduced at the 44th Jaarbeurs Spring Fair in Utrecht (March 11-20, 1941). The original price was f 52.50.
The Philips 3902-01 is a 110-127 volt version.
The Porteldisc was sold in 2021.
Serial number: 4648

Technical information
Dimensions: 26 x 26 x 15 cm  
Made in: 1941  
Voltage: 220 volts  
Purchased in: 2014  
Sold in: 2022  

What music was played at that time?


Listen to "College Swing" by Klaas van Beeck and his Orchestra, recorded in 1941

The closed case

Advertising for the Philips 3902 Porteldisc

Description of the Porteldisc in Philips staff magazine "In en Om de Philipsfabrieken", April 1941
Cover of a Philips Porteldisc brochure, 1941 Advertisement for the Porteldisc in Limburger Koerier November 10, 1941

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