Adjustable frame antenna with built-in amplifier
Dark brown aluminium cabinet with wooden base. The gold coloured aluminium antenna (two loops) can be adjusted by turning the red plastic base.
The base is of the antenna is illuminated by two internal light bulbs.
The antenna mainly receives the magnetic component of the antenna signal, thus eliminating most interference. The built-in amplifier, amplifies the signal
This type of antenna was popular in Belgium and France.
Itax started as Etablissements Robert Defossez in 1921. The company was based in Brussels and made radios and radio components in the 30s, 40s en 50s.
Data Valve Circuit
Serial number 19458 Click on the tube for more information Click on the circuit to enlarge
Made in 1959
Purchased in 2012
Dimensions (h x w x d) 28.5 x 30 x 13.5 cm
Voltages 110-245 volts
Two plugs are connected to the aerial and earth sockets of a radio. After tuning the radio, the Itax antenna has to be tuned as well. Reception can be fine tuned by adjusting the direction of the antenna.
On the left the wave length switch (OC, PO and GO); on the right the tuning knob. The red knob on the base of the antenna is used to adjust the direction of the antenna.

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