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Radio-CÚlard was founded in 1925. The company remained active for a long time, until it stopped in 1968. The last radios were produced in the early 60s of the previous century.
The company had offices in Grenoble and Paris. They featured the brands CÚlard, Radio-CÚlard and Ergos. Ergos was a company affiliated with CÚlard, based in Nice.
CÚlard made radios and radiogramophones in different models, frame antennas with and without AC power supply and frame antennas with power supply via the radio, televisions and transistor radios, such as the Minicapte (1959) and the Microcapte (1960). The best known radio model Radiocapte, an integrated radio and frame antenna, was produced in the years 1954-1955. The futuristic design was less appreciated in that time, so that the generated numbers remained small. Together with the disappearance of the radio tube, Radio-CÚlard disappeared as well.

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