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In May 1922 Kunstzaal Edison opened its doors. The shop was owned by Larsen de Breij & Co, and was situated at Lange Poten 15 in The Hague. The offices were at Willem de Zwijgerlaan 93 in The Hague. The company imported Farrand loudspeakers and sold New Edison gramophones, as main importer of Thomas A. Edison Inc. De Brey had shops in a number of main cities and also in the former Dutch East-Indies. In the years 1925-1941, radios were sold under the name "Crystalphone". Well known models were the "Crystalphone 4a" and "Junior". In Frans J.J. Driessens' book "Opkomst van de Nederlandse radio-industrie" a number of types and variants are described. Later models (in the 30s) were made by Waldorp and Van der Heem and the German makers Lange and Sachsenwerk. In the 40s, German company Körting made radios for Crystalphone.
Advertisement in Het Vaderland, October 11th, 1925 Advertisement in NRC, March 6th, 1929

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